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Where Do I Put The Sofa? - The key to great design is the proper placement of your furniture.

Where Do I Put The Sofa?
Author: Joseph Barbotti
Genre: Interior Decorating

"'Where Do I Put The Sofa?' is a complete guide to interior design. The book includes four short, easy, interior design steps for beginners. These steps teach the reader foolproof ways to find the proper placement for any piece of furniture or accessory in any room. The author states that by following these easy steps, any space will become more balanced with a feeling of peace and harmony."

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The key to great design is the proper placement of your furniture. No matter if your items are straight from the show room or comfortably broken in, where you place these pieces will ultimately define the entire look of the room. Have you ever been in someone's home that is furnished with beautiful things yet it still looks "off " somehow? That is because they have placed their items incorrectly to achieve the ultimate look in the room.

Hundreds of times throughout the years, I have been asked the question "Where do I put the sofa? " As I am sure you have guessed, that is why this book is named just that. Those six words simply define the problem - most people just don't know where to place their furnishings to make the most of the space they have available to them. When you are through learning the four steps I describe for you here, you will no longer be one of those people!

For me, the key to a beautiful home is to achieve perfect balance. Once achieved, your innate sense of peace and harmony will shine through to enable you to appreciate the true beauty of your possessions. This simple philosophy, tried and true, has never failed me. This is largely because it exists in nature, as I believe "beautiful mathematics were used to create the world."

My golden rule in this philosophy is as follows: Everything you see and experience around you connects with your mind's eye. What do I mean when I say "your mind's eye "? Your mind's eye is your "internal " vision that sets the tone for how you feel about the world you live in.

Come enjoy the experience and discover how to put your life in balance. It's easy, it's quick, and you'll love the results. Take care and enjoy the experience.

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Amy from New York, NY says...

"This book is THE KEY you need to make your friends jealous of the way your home is layed out. Mr. Joseph Barbotti is a design angel sent from the Design gods!!! My house looks unreal, and I never bought anything new. Mr. Barbotti I give you a 2 thumbs up and 10 bright and shiny stars. This book is a godsend for anyone who needs help with design!!!!! "

Faberge from Pocono Mountains, PA says...

"I love how my home looks now and I really love how it feels. "

Where Do I Put The Sofa? - This fully illustrated furniture placement system teaches you interior design and helps you solve your design & decorating problems. You will create beautiful room layouts like a professional.

You can find your answers and perform your own Interior Decorating & Design with this Ultimate Guide To Furniture Placement...

"Where Do I Put The Sofa?"

  • Solve your design & decorating problems
  • Learn about interior design with full illustrations
  • Create beautiful room layouts like a professional
  • You can love the look and feel of any room

"This furniture placement system and collection of design tips will really help you. You can Do-It-Yourself. So please enjoy the experience and let this be the first step in helping to put 'balance' in your life! "
-- Joseph Barbotti, author and professional designer

"Where do I put the sofa?..."
"Where do I hang the pictures?..."
"Where do I place my table?..."

The Answers Are Provided Within This System

  • See how to add new furniture or use existing furniture and accessories
  • Determine the optimum placement of your furniture pieces in minutes
  • Find the confidence to solve any decorating dilemma
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